How To Videos

Below is a list of product walk throughs to help you learn the various features and functions within the SmarterMe App.  If you have any questions you can always contact  Enjoy!

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CRM Management with Taps (Supports Offline & Customizations)

Update Opportunity
Create Opportunity
Add Contacts
Log Email
Log Calls
Auto Log
Log Meeting
Log unscheduled events
Log Notes
Log Task

Sales Productivity Shortcuts

Email & File Open Tracking
Set Followup Reminder
Schedule Meetings
Customer Inbox

Sales IQ (Intelligence)

Customer Interest / Tracking IQ
Proactive Prospect Research
Relationship IQ & Team Collaboration
Visit IQ & GeoLocation Assistant*
Proactive Followup Reminder*
Proactive Introductions*
Bot for SMS Collaboration*



*Available in the Enterprise Version Only