Why Businesses Buy and Users Love SmarterMe?
“With SmarterMe my team can work smarter and faster with Salesforce and other apps while on the road. Having the right information at the right time and ability to act on it immediately increases our customer focus and sales productivity. We see a significant ROI from rep time savings and decreased sales cycles”


Susan Murphy

VP Sales, Molecular Devices


“SmarterMe helps me work faster on the road – get ready for meetings, automatically record progress with clients into Salesforce. Best of all it is lighting fast. After seeing what SmarterMe could do for me, I decided to pay for it myself and not wait for corporate”


Bob Chartier

Pro Account Representative


“Excellent companion for Mobile Executives. I have tried all the Apps in this category and SmarterMe is the leader. It is a smart assistant gives me just the right level of alerts and follow up reminders. It works flawlessly and fast and I can take action at the right time”


Lou Haboush

VP, Corp Services & Healthcare Solutions