How to Write Effective Product Descriptions That Boost Sales

Product descriptions can play an important role in persuading buyers to finalize their purchase decision. However, merely describing the product features and functionalities may not be enough. To be effective, product descriptions need to be intelligently written, taking great care about the selection of words and keeping it crisp and concise. If you are looking for product descriptions that really […]

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How to Best Use Interactive Native Content to Market Your Brand

Interactive native content can be effectively utilized for a wide variety of marketing related tasks such as brand awareness, rebranding, informational campaigns, cross-channel initiatives, etc. When used in the right manner, it can contribute significantly towards improving a brand’s overall visibility among the target audience.

However, many a times, it has been noticed that such content tends to lose its popularity […]

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Characteristics of a Great Salesperson

Anyone can start a career as a salesperson, but whether or not they will survive will depend on how good they are in the art of selling. Getting into a sales job may be easy, but staying in the job is an entirely different ball game. Moreover, selling is something that cannot be learnt quickly. It takes several years of […]

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6 Science-Backed Tips for Making Better Sales Calls

Is there an effective way to make sales calls? Do top sales reps know the secret of making winning sales calls or is it just pure luck? Well, it’s difficult to tell actually and it’s possible that multiple factors may be responsible for scoring a win through a sales call. Recent research studies have revealed that handling sales calls in […]

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Achieving Immersive Employee Engagement with Culture, Technology and Data

It’s common knowledge that effective employee engagement is the key to the success of any organization. When employees are properly cared for, they are likely to be motivated, stay focused, work hard and align their goals with that of the organization. Recent research studies have revealed that employee engagement initiatives directly impact revenue growth. This provides all the more reasons […]

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Best Practices for Email Newsletter – What Marketers Need to Know

Every time a marketing team meets to discuss the marketing strategy, someone would usually raise their hand and make suggestions about launching an email newsletter. The proposal may even be accepted, but the big question that marketers face is whether the email newsletter would have any real impact on the target audience. Well, it may or may not work as […]

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Sales Tools and Technology – A must have for every business!!

It always sounds fantastic when the business is in growth mode. But the challenge is to maintain that growth consistently and scaling the sales.

To handle this sales growth, organizations hire more sales reps to see that the vision of scaling is met. However, doing so usually creates additional challenges.

Organizations normally have a tendency to automate processes such as payroll, project […]

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How Technology Can Help Generate Max Revenue from the Sales Pipeline

In broader terms, a typical sales pipeline comprises three levels – leads, prospects/opportunities and customers. There can be other levels in a sales pipeline, depending on how deep a sales team may want to drill down into individual components. For example, a sales team may want to classify the various sub-stages of leads, prospects and customers, in which case, there […]

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3 Major Challenges That Can Weigh Down Sales Reps

Of all the different professions, sales reps have one of the toughest jobs in the world. Even when the odds are stacked against them, most sales reps would still be hopeful to register a win. The challenges that sales reps face today are largely the same, as they were several decades back. For example, the need to be presentable, strike […]

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Sales Performance Metrics That Matter Most

When it comes to assessing sales performance, the revenue generated by sales reps is what most sales managers tend to focus on. Achieving sales targets may be important, but it would be myopic to completely ignore other vital sales performance metrics. For example, what if a sales rep is building a healthy sales pipeline that would deliver million dollar deals […]

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