Top 5 Strategies to Drive Sales Productivity

Sales productivity can be defined as the total value generated through sales activities divided by the amount of resources utilized. Excluding a select few in the sales team who may be meeting or exceeding their sales target, the ratio of sales output to input of other sales team members is often in fractions. This weighs down the efforts of the […]

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Are Millennials lazy or busy?

There’s been a lot written about millennials and their work habits. Regardless of what you think, there is one truth about them — they spend an inordinate amount of time on their smartphones. Now let’s be honest, it is hard to get real work done on a smart device. If timing is everything, we often lose that battle. This applies […]

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It’s Not Me. It’s My SmartPhone.

Over the last year I have spoken to hundreds of business users across industries and roles and there seems to be an unequivocal desire to be more productive on the go.  Why wait to go back to the desktop or laptop to get a task done (especially the simple ones) or at least make some progress towards it?  Yes there are still tasks which will require […]

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Are we becoming more productive in the Smartphone Era?

According to the Wall Street Journal – Why Aren’t Smartphones Making Us More Productive? –  the official annual US productivity gains in the Smartphone Era is only 1.5%, which is much lower than the yearly gains of 3% in the Web Era (1995-2004) and even below the long-term average of 2.25%.  Contrast this with many recent popular media stories such one on CNBC […]

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