According to the Wall Street Journal – Why Aren’t Smartphones Making Us More Productive? –  the official annual US productivity gains in the Smartphone Era is only 1.5%, which is much lower than the yearly gains of 3% in the Web Era (1995-2004) and even below the long-term average of 2.25%.  Contrast this with many recent popular media stories such one on CNBC – How the Smartphone Killed the Three-Day Weekend – that points out that an average person checks their email 150 times/day and often work emails.

So which is it – Are we just playing more angry birds or  are we getting real work done?

As I sit here and ponder on this, I do have to admit that I am guilty of checking my smartphone way too much! Not quite as bad as shown on the video clip, but close.  Do I check my smartphone constantly even on holidays and vacations? Am I on smartphone much more than I should be? Do I check my emails obsessively?  Guilty, guilty and guilty.  So have I become more productive?

Let’s see – I do Uber. I do respond to yes and no type of emails rather quickly. I frequently check LinkedIn profiles of customers and colleagues I meet.  I check and adjust my stock portfolio more frequently on my Ameritrade app.  I bounce between reading emails and playing angry birds while I am sitting at the airport. Lastly, I do read the news more frequently either on my Flipboard app or WSJ app.

However, am I really making a dent in my productivity at work? I certainly wish I could do a lot more work on my smartphone so I don’t have to boot up my laptop when I get home.

How about you?